I have an AWESOME famicom system. Here is what it consists of:

1. AV Famicom system. This is the Japanese version of the USA NES2, aka toploader. It is like new in the box, works great, comes with 2 controllers hardly used, AV cable, manual, and includes an AC adaptor (usually sold separately)

picture: http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/6076/AVFamicom.jpg

2. Famicom Disk System. This includes the RAM adaptor, AC adaptor (which is a Sega Genesis 1 style adaptor). The belt on this has recently been replaced with a new one (not by me). I tried it out and kept getting ERR 22 which I was told meant the drive belt needs to be realigned. Should be a swift fix for a technical person.

3. Game Converter - This unit connects to the Famicom system, and the FDS RAM adaptor goes into it's cartridge slot, and allows you to run games converted from cartridge to FDS disk. I am including a special disk (not pictured) called Copy Master, which I believe allows you to copy FDS disks. This is a RARE unit and requires an AC adaptor (not included, but you can use a 9V adaptor - Sega Genesis1 adaptor will work)

picture of FDS system and Game Converter: http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/3...eConverter.jpg

4. 32 Game Converter Disks - These are special FDS disks that have games on them that were converted from cartridges. Some of these actually have labels named "Game Converter" on them (games include: Zanac, Twin Bee,
Battle City, 1942, MagMax, Highway, Argus, Xevious, Winter Games and two others with chinese names). The other disks have chinese names and include:
B.B (?), Ice Hockey, Othello, Euner Dream, Tetris, Fire Rock, Bowling, 3D Hot Rally, Mr Chaos (?), 13 other disk games with Chinese lettering. These disks are EXTREMELY RARE

pictures of disks:


5. Castlevania III NES cartridge (game only, no instructions or box), and NES to Famicom adaptor, which lets you use NES games on your Famicom

This is a package deal only, no trades, NO EXCEPTIONS. I ship via USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation within the United States only. Payment is to be made via PayPal only.

Price: $400 + shipping