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Under features they list

"Special Ultra Limited Edition packaging"

I don't think this is just gonna be a box full of items. And yes, just about everything but the lithograph will be available elsewhere. So what? It's an official release of a game that may really take off, limited to 1000 pieces, and comes in a special box. And it's Survival Horror no less!
Sure it is. Look at the picture. It's the regular retail version of the game with a second box containing a DVD you can buy on Amazon, an art book you can get for free elsewhere with a preorder or $5 at Best Buy if you prefer, a patch valued at maybe 50 cents, a graphic novel which will be available at comic stores and a lithograph, the quality of which and potential availability outside of the set is unknown. This thing has been on sale for a week and a half now and hasn't sold out, despite being front page news on all the major video game sites. I predict it won't maintain its value because frankly, most of us who buy limited editions don't consider this to be one and I guarantee each of the component parts will be sold much cheaper once this game has been out for a few months. It's just a box of crap that comes with the game that they are bundling together for too much money. It's not individually numbered and there's just nothing exclusive enough about it to drive sales. If there were an action figure or a different version of the 360 cover art that really was exclusive to this edition, it might be a different story. As it stands now, there is not.

As I said earlier, Rosenqueen does this all the time. Putting a bunch of stuff in a box does not a limited edition make.