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Thread: Dead Space: Ultra Limited Edition (Only 1,000 Made!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mailman187666 View Post
    This one has pretty much always maintained it's value over the years. Maybe not the exact value, but well over what they were sold as new. I think now is probably a good time to start collecting xbox 360 as the majority of the games are extremely cheap, and I see them all over the place at flea markets and second hand stores. My brother has been collecting 360 lately and he orders new/sealed games for under $10 for some titles.
    I have to agree with this; it's a ripe time in yard sales for that generation (and maybe for games that are just a little older.) Check a few of my finds from last year:

    ...this took place before my last post from August 19th and I have no date for it but it was between April and July.

    I bought:

    1 White Dreamcast;
    1 A/V Cable;
    1 Controller;
    1 Memory Card (not a VMU; )
    102 Dalmations (complete; )
    Sonic Adventure (complete; )
    Toy Story 2 (complete.)

    For $5. I sold the 3 games on eBay and bought Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 for about $15 each.

    Later, in early August, I bought:

    2 DS systems;
    1 GBA SP (which I later broke by dropping on the floor, they're made of brittle plastic; )
    a Gamecube with no controller;
    Various games, mostly for the GBA and DS (including Pokemon Leafgreen)
    1 Mario Plush
    1 Mario Kart Lunch Box (for lack of a clearer term; it's not aluminum)

    All for about $28. I sold most of that on eBay and made more than 3x my investment back on it.

    - Austin

    Last month, I found a copy of Paper Mario: TTYD for $1 and sold it for $43 w/ free shipping on eBay. The time is ripe.

    Not to get too off topic but anything older than Playstation is probably going to be under scrutiny. Classic Gaming's gone up in popularity and there are other stores than Joe's around for it, I've even been into the one in the Monroeville PA Mall which had a Top Loading NES for sale.

    - Austin
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