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Thread: Holiday season: bargains on retro stuff from Ebay?

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    Default Holiday season: bargains on retro stuff from Ebay?

    With the holiday season vast approaching, do you believe the chance on getting a bargain on great game (like getting Lunar 2 for Sega CD for $20) improves with as most buyers will be spending on holiday gifts and decorations?

    Or should I save up and wait after Christmas to find some bargains?
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    Bottom line is, as a buyer, you always got to look, because you never know which week it will be, when everyone else falls asleep at the wheel, so to speak. So you got to be at the right place, right time, so keep searching.

    JMO, but I think as a seller this is one of the best times, if not THE best to sell. Gamers tend to buy more in the fall/winter, as the cold darkening months somehow bring upon an extra urge to game, particularly brings about more nostalgic feelings for the oldies.

    Again, just my opinion, but it seems prices jump around this time of year, whereas summer there tend to be better deals. But again, you never know, so be persistent in your search.

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