Hi, I'm trying to sell off these last few items. I had many of them up for sale a few weeks back, but several people backed out of the sales. Thus I'm re-posting these items in the hopes that they will sell quickly, as I'm moving quite soon and need to sell this stuff!

All prices in USD, shipping will be actual cost. Shipping will be much cheaper to Canada than the US, because I'm in Canada. Don't blame me, blame Canada Post!

1. Blue Game Boy Camera - mint condition, complete in box - $5
2. SNES: Thunder Spirits - $4
3. Game Boy Advance: Golden Sun (complete, mint condition) - $24
4. Genesis: Batman Returns (complete, mint) - $2
5. PlayStation: Shooter Starfighter Sanvein (complete, mint) - $3
6. XBox: Chronicles of Riddick (small scratches on DVD) - $3
7. XBox: Shenmue II - $5
8. XBox: Splinter Cell Trilogy (separate games/cases/books, just listed them together) - Chaos Theory is metal tin collector's edition (very minor scratching on game discs, very very minor!) - $10 for all 3 games
9. XBox 360: Big Bumpin' - $1
10. XBox 360: Pocketbike Racer - $1
11. XBox 360: Sneak King - $1
12. Gamecube: P.N. 03 (complete, mint) - $3
13. Gamecube: Soul Calibur II (complete, minor scratches on disc) - $2
14. PS2: Blowout (mint, complete) - $1
15. PS2: Gran Turismo 3 (complete, disc scratched up) - $1
16. PS2: Mad Maestro! (complete, mint except for small chunk of plastic missing out of case) - $2
17. PS2: Primal (complete, mint) - $2
18. PS2: Silpheed: The Lost Planet (complete, mint) - $2
19. PS2: Virtua Fighter 4 (complete, mint except for minor scratches on disc) - $2
20. PSP: Lumines (greatest hits, mint, complete) - $8
21. Preview Disc: Ace Combat 5 - $free with purchase
22. Preview Disc: Leisure Suit Larry - $free with purchase
23. Preview Disc: Oddworld Stranger's Wrath - $free with purchase

If anyone wants to be really nice and take all of this stuff off my hands, I'd let it all go (with the exception of Golden Sun) for $50 shipped to Canada, and $65 shipped to the US (shipping to the US for all of this is going to be north of $25!). Add in Golden Sun for another $15 if you take everything.

Or make me an offer. I really need this stuff sold!!

Thanks guys, the last sale really helped me out and I'm hoping that someone will help me out again with this stuff!!