Hey guys, here is some stuff I just won't ever get around to playing

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Collector's Edition Extra DVD is still sealed never opened, the game has been opened, everything is mint and complete $50

Metal Gear Solid 4 Collector's Edition complete, back label came loose so I put it inside the case $55

Batman Gotham Knight Blu Ray $12
10,000 BC Blue Ray $12

Xbox 360
Gears of War Collector's Edition with metal tin case case has a small ding, has a few light scratches both discs $35

Fable II Limited Edition like new, Codes have NOT been used $47

Bio Shock Limited Edition figure is new inside the case but the very tip of the drill has broken but is still in the plastic so it could be superglued back on. The game has been opened and is in good shape, the big box has some damage and $40 written on the box.
I have it on ebay with pics if you want to see pics, I would sell it for $60 plus shipping

Oblivion Collectors Edition no coin, but has the rest of the stuff, some minor box wear $24

Two Worlds Collector's Edition complete box has some wear $20

Mass Effect Collector's Edition complete nice shape $45

Mana Khemia Factory Sealed and New $40

Wild Arms 5 complete with artbook, sleeve, game disc has some scratches $20

Persona 3 Collector's Edition for PS2 complete and great shape $35

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance II complete, disc has some scuffing $20
D&D Heroes complete nice shape $12
Fable complete $8

Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II no manual but has Strategy Guide $40
Mega Man Anniversary no manual $7
Jedi Outcast with Strategy Guide $30
Pikmin 1 & 2 both original release and complete, some light scuffs $50 for set

Metal Gear Solid GH complete, some scratches on discs $5

Shenmue II PAL version complete and mint $40

Thanks for the read, if you don't like the price you can make an offer, just don't be too much of a lowball