I've decided to sell the manuals in lots only. I can guarantee different manuals for each lot:

Turbo Grafx/Duo Manuals

$15 shipped for lot of 20 different manuals
$30 shipped for lot of 45 different manuals
$50 shipped for lot of 80 different manuals


What this means, is that I have around 80-100 different manuals, and about 20 or so of EACH manual, which is why I am selling them in BUNDLES only. I just don't have the time these days to sort through any of this....but the manuals are in excellent condition.

Brand New Sealed Turbo Grafx Games-
Cosmic Fantasy 2-$15 shipped
Exile-$17 shipped
Shadow of the Beast-$15 shipped
Buster Bros-$15 shipped
Sim Earth-$15 shipped
Riot Zone-$15 shipped
6ft Extension Cable for Duo Systems-$4 shipped
6 ft extension cable for TG Systems (new in box, but the plastic holding piece fell off the box with the cord in it, still new and unused-$14 shipped
Turbo Pad controllers NEW IN BOX-$20 shipped