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    Default Moto Chaser - iPhone

    I downloaded Moto Chaser for the iPhone today and I'm really enjoying it. It's a motorbike racing game featuring classic motor cycles and a bit of Road Rash style brawling. It's normally 5.99, but it's currently 59p/99 for a limited time.

    The game features three different riders each with a different bike: two chaps and a lass. It's a race against the clock between checkpoints over 10 varied stages: City, Jungle, Desert etc. However, the tracks are well designed, the game shoots along at a fair pace and the graphics are really quite excellent. If you do a decent jump you sometimes get a side-on slow motion view of the jump. It's a little off putting the first time it happens, but once you're expecting it, it's quite a nice touch.

    The motion controls for the steering are pretty good, it just takes a couple of races to get used to how each bike controls.

    Overall, I'm really quite impressed with the game. I'd certainly recommend it for purchase; especially whilst it's cheap!

    Freeverse Games website Moto Chaser page

    iTunes link
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