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I ordered my copy of Persona 4 from Amazon the day after it came out, and they sent a copy of the art book with it. I wasn't expecting that, but it was a nice bonus.

I *had* pre-ordered the game from Gamestop, but none of my local ones could find my pre-order in their system, and unfortunately I had lost the receipt. That's the third time in the last few months that a Gamestop employee had screwed up a pre-order -- one reserved Fallout 3 for me instead of Fable 2 (I caught this one the same day), and one reserved Tales of Desperaux(!) instead of Tales of Vesperia. I didn't catch the second one at all and since the store didn't have extras, I had to get it from somewhere else.

I've tried to do pre-orders from Gamestop to help the sales people meet their quotas, but many of them are so incompetent these days that I'll probably stop bothering to.
I ordered mine from Amazon on 12/14 and got it for $36.99, $3 cheaper and it came with the art book yesterday 12/19. I also recently ordered R-Type Command for $9.99 and received the R-9 Model pre-order bonus as well. Eternal Poison is already down to $25 from $39.99 retail. As far as Atlus games are concerned, there is no reason to shop anywhere else than Amazon.