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Thread: Playstation 3 Kiosk

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    Default Playstation 3 Kiosk

    I recently picked this one item up I have been somewhat curious to what it worth.

    Recently I was frequently visiting my local Circuit because they where going out of business. I gleefully went though the racks and decided to pick myself up my first Kiosk. Although, I did not have enough money to for one, I hoped I'd get lucky. I did.

    Here is what I got:

    It is missing the original television and as you can see in the future Pictures, the PS3 also. They where taken by the Sony Rep for resell.

    I figure those can be replaced.

    It does have the all the wiring even the PS3 to TV HDMI cable.

    The controller on the front also works.

    I (after a lot of foot work) obtained both original TV brackets. I plan to eventually hang a TV or HDMI capable monitor on there.

    The original Mock up PS3 and the key with a PlayStation 2 key chain also was included with it.

    Here's some more pics:

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    Well if you want it to be a authentic kiosk, you're going to have to hunt down a kiosk PS3, and the original model fancy tv. Those arn't the same as the normal off the shelf PS3's. I don't remember off the top of my head the specific details as to why they are different, but i'll ask Dangerboy since his first PS3 was one of those kiosk units.

    Value should net you a few hundred easy (at least the cost of the sytem), but you've got to factor in shipping and how that kills demand to 95% of those interested in getting one. Selling as is, you can probably net 100+ for it.
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