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Having an extra ethernet port on the PS3 might have targeted 360 owners ... <snip>

As for dual HDMI, I can't think of a good use beyond multi-monitor capabilities ... <snip>
You know, I remember reading Sony's blabber on this stuff as it flowed out of their marketing department's rear end.

Why did they say it would have two ethernet ports? Because that's one more than the Xbox 360 had! And why two HDMI ports? Because the Xbox 360 could connect to "only" a single HDTV (via component) ... so the PS3 can drive two!

It struck me as "our amps go to eleven!" sort of stuff at the time, and it totally turned me off to the PS3 before it even launched. At the time I was on the fence, and bought myself an Xbox 360 after that (that, and Kutaragi's "I want consumers to think 'I will work more hours to buy one'" comment ... whoops).