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Thread: Arcade Parts for sale Spiderman Jamma CP Control panel, NES parts + weird items.

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    Default Arcade Parts for sale Spiderman Jamma CP Control panel, NES parts + weird items.

    Check out the link. I pulled the metal case out of the 1991 spiderman cab and dont need it. I doubt any of you do either, just hate to through it away. If not I will just toss it in with my dads scrap.

    I also pulled the light fixture out of the top of it and put a new one in. I assume it works, but did not try it. I just pulled it out, figured it would be easier than trying to get power to it.

    Also, I am selling the stripped control panel. NO wires, but most button, cherry switches and all four joysticks. All original! I know that player twos buttons and joystick worked because thats how I played and beat the game. There are some missing parts, aside from the obvious wires, a few bolts and such.

    I also have Nes parts:
    Game cartridge trays, shells with NO doors and/or broken shells, bottom pieces, metal shields (both top and bottom), rf switches (working and non), NES brand game system holder (some wear and a bit of the plastic is coming off)

    Also, look in the one pic. There is a buncha stuff.
    -Generic game case to hold games and systems
    -Motorola cell phone charger.
    -Two christian nes games
    -Sega Genesis adapter
    -Some magnavox od instructions and such.

    Also, kinda of weird item. I sold my pretty much brand new weight bench on craigslist a few months ago. And I forgot to give the guy the arm support for curl ups. Well I still have it. Hate to toss it out, but I cant find the guys email and he drove like 5 hours to get it.

    Dora bike, who wants it??? Need a new back wheel, brand new from the manufacture its like 10 bucks for the wheel.

    Mini vintage hobbie horse? Who want it?

    I know these last three items are like worthless, but anyone local to pittsburgh that wants them?

    I will sell or trade any of the above.

    I NEED :

    All three mario games, nes. I will take multiple copies of each
    Nes power supplies, guns and controllers.
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