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Thread: FS: SNES Copier UFO Pro 6 Hyper Version 64mb

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    Default FS: SNES Copier UFO Pro 6 Hyper Version 64mb

    So I am selling my copier as it doesn't work from floppy disc on a mini SNES, but will work if streamed from a parallel port using Ucon on the mini SNES. I don't have one of these ports on my PC but I tested it today at a friends house so I assure you it is working. It does however work from a floppy on a normal SNES. I was having problems with it earlier till I cleaned the contacts and have had a 100% success rate since I cleaned the contacts. Due to it's finicky nature I am going to let this go for $40 shipped. Please feel free to PM me with any details.


    I will trade for a Sega Saturn deck as well.
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