It's Neo Nectaris made for mobiles.

The military is back and is madder than ever in Military Madness 2, the sequel to the hit mobile military strategy game! Take the fight from the Moon to Mars through 48 new maps! Wage war with 8 new units, from the medic Teknik to the gargantuan Bioheiki bioweapons! You can even battle a friend with local multiplayer on one phone! By Hudson.

Neo Nectaris was originally released in Japan for the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM2 / Turbo Duo in 1994, five years after the original game. Neo Nectaris was slated to be released in the U.S. as Military Madness 2, it was on TTi's release list, but it never made since TurboDuo was dead. Now finally the game is being released, in modified form, for mobile phones.

Neo Nectaris was not as much fun as the original Nectaris/Military Madness, but it's still better than 90% of the turn based strategy games out there, including R-Type Tactics / Command.