I've got some new Dreamcast software for sale (you can see the full list on my site's store). As always I only sell quality items. No scratched discs, no tatty instruction books and certainly no stains. All common on so called EBay "mint" items. Basically I only sell stuff that I'd be happy to receive myself.

All prices are listed in pound sterling. Please use www.xe.com to convert pounds to your desired currency. Payment by Paypal please.

Aero Dancing i Jikai Saku Made Matemasen = 14 pound

Death Crimson OX = 10 pounds

Guilty Gear Limited Edition with CD Single = 20 pounds

Street Fighter Zero 3 Saikyo-ryu for Matching Service = 17 pounds

Bio Hazard 2 = 15 pounds

Bio Hazard Code Veronica Trial Version (Differences from the final plus a sound room) = 20 pounds

Buggy Heat = 7 pounds

Cardcaptor Sakura Tomoyo No Video Daisakusen = 15 pounds

Carrier = 7 pounds

Espion-Age-nts = 5 pounds

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