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Thread: WTT: Some rock/metal cd's for a few games

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    Default WTT: Some rock/metal cd's for a few games

    I'm willing to trade the following cd's listed below. Read this little disclaimer first

    -All of these are complete with their original inserts.
    -All jewel cases are intact, no broken hinges.
    -Booklets and inserts look "good", not going to get into specifics about these.
    -No promotional copies, all are original retail releases like you'd buy in a store or online.

    I was a radio dj for nine years and had/have a big music collection with lots of albums in nice shape. So all I'll do from here on out is list the album and the condition of the disc.

    -Poison: Native Tongue (disc in great shape)

    -Vince Neil: Exposed (disc in very good to great shape)

    -Vince Neil: Exposed (duplicate of the above album, in same condition as above item)

    -Beyond Fear: self titled debut (disc is like new): this is a side project for ex-Judas Priest and Iced Earth singer Tim "Ripper" Owens

    -Boks Rock compilation (disc in very good shape): album has 10 radio singles from 1993 with the "big" draws being Radiohead, Duran Duran and George Thorogood. Was originally sold or given away through Details Magazine, does come in a jewel case with regular inserts like most compilations.

    -Collective Soul: Dosage (disc in fair shape with a few minor scratches but it plays fine, booklet is also in fair shape): notable because there is a song on here which also appears on the "Twilight" soundtrack (Tremble for my Beloved)

    -The Cardigans: First Band on the Moon (disc in great shape)

    -Kelly Osbourne: Shut Up (disc in good to very good shape)

    -Debbie Gibson: Think With Your Heart (disc in very good condition)

    -Clay Aiken: A Thousand Different Ways (disc in good shape, album was from a music store listening station so the album and cd booklet are both written on marking it as a "store" copy but it does play fine)

    Nothing great but it is what it is. Just to be upfront about things, I am not sure what day I will be shipping (hopefully by Tuesday the 20th). So I'm not in a rush if you're not. I have great feedback here, linked in my signature. Letting you know ahead of time it could be up to a week before I get anything in the mail. But I'm well known around here for being very reliable Just have a few things going on, mostly work, which will keep me away from the post office for the next few days.

    Trades: Doesn't have to be a one for one swap. I'll sift through PM's (if I get any that is) and do things on a case by case basis. It'd be helpful if you tell me what you have from my want list and what cd's you'd like from me then we'll go from there. Anyone who has bought, sold or traded with me knows I am very easy to work with and get along with!

    I am interested in seeing any of your trade lists. Here is what I would be looking for. I have a birthday coming up to shop for, which is why I require some of these items.

    Wanted (For An Upcoming Birthday)

    -Garfield: Caught in the Act for Sega Genesis (complete only)
    -Stepmom movie with Julia Roberts (dvd only)
    -Lady and the Tramp 2 movie (dvd or vhs)
    -Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl movie (dvd only)

    Wanted (Stuff for myself......)

    -GBA/GBC/GB games (cart only fine)
    -Salem's Lot book in hardcover (good condition)
    -Blaster Master: Worlds of Power book (good shape)
    -Castlevania II: Worlds of Power book (good shape)
    -PS1 games (complete)
    -Dreamcast games (complete)
    -Genesis 6 button controller (in good working order and preferably with Turbo fire)
    -Genesis 1 AC adapter
    -XBox sports games (complete)
    -Gamecube sports games (complete)
    -Nintendo 64 sports games (complete or at the least with a manual included)
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