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Thread: lots of items - JPN Xbox 360, Neo Geo, JPN Saturn, Arcade Sticks, Blu-Rays, etc...

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    Default lots of items - JPN Xbox 360, Neo Geo, JPN Saturn, Arcade Sticks, Blu-Rays, etc...

    ~~~ list updated as of I-20-'08~~~
    (all items sold have been removed from the list),
    I need to sell some of my things as my collection need to be trimmed down considerably.
    prices are posted next to each item, though I will entertain offers, you can count on discount if purchasing multiple items.
    paypal and usps money orders accepted, (no fees if you pay through paypal, you need to have confirmed address though).
    I always ship my items with protective material, shipping usually is $1-$2 for soundtrack, dvd or blu ray disc.
    for bigger items such as saturn bundles, I'll split costs 50/50, so about $10 for shipping(while it will cost me about $20 to ship it).
    if you're from outside of states, contact me for shipping cost.
    insurance is optional but recommended(especially for pricier items).
    I will always respond quickly to all questions so don't hesitate to ask if there is anything you'd like to know about certain item.
    all my items are tested before shipping and fully inspected.
    all items I sell are authentic and official, no bootlegs of any sort.
    I use actual pictures of items I'm selling so you can take a look of what item looks like without fear of getting something completely different to what you'd expect.
    let's get to it:

    1 remaining Xbox 360 Wireless Controller(microsoft brand),
    price for one - $27 including shipping.

    5 MVS Games (all my items (including mvs games) are authentic and have been imported from Japan) - $75
    Fatal Fury Special
    Fighters History Dynamite
    King of Fighters 95
    King of Fighters 96
    Samurai Spirits IV Amakusa Revenge

    MVS Games:
    Master of Syuogi $38
    Mahjong 1991 $36
    King of Fighters 2000 $40
    King of Fighters 2001 $40
    King of Fighters 2002 $45
    Real Bout 2: the Newcomers $38
    World Heroes Perfect $45
    Art of Fighting 3 $38

    another Saturn bundle, consists of:
    Japanese Saturn(fair condition, visible signs of wear, works great though), comes with saturn pad, 3d pad, cables and following games:
    1.Neon Genesis Evangelion 2nd
    2.Nights Christmas
    3.Last Bronx
    4.Street Fighter Alpha
    5.Street Fighter Alpha 2
    6.Vampire Hunter
    7.Devil Summoner
    8.Shining Wisdom
    9.X-Men Children of Atom
    10.Marvel Super Heroes
    11.Fighting Vipers
    12.Super Robot Taisen
    13.Virtua Fighter
    14.Virtua Fighter Remix
    15.Virtua Fighter 2
    16.Fighters Megamix
    17.Daytona USA
    price for entire bundle - $130

    Sega Saturn Dual Arcade Stick Pro HSS-0130, - one of the best arcade sticks ever made for any system(exclusive to Japan), it's practically like having control panel of your astro city arcade cabinet in your living room.
    fantastic controller and very rare(shipping this behemoth alone from Japan could hit you over $150).
    there is also King of Fighters 95 Move List(authentic, not photocopy), in there so you if you play KOF title, you can glance quickly to catch combination for character moves.
    $265 for whole thing, and that includes shipping to you(which will cost quite a bit, no doubt.)

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    Consolized Atomiswave System with Component output, S-Video cables, Stereo Sound cables, perfect for HDTVs!!!
    in awesome condition, comes with boxed Neo Geo Controller(boxed in baggie) and King of Fighters NeoWave Cart.
    everything is ready to play!
    $590 shipped through usps priority mail with signature confirmation required.

    1980's music tapes soundtracks from Japan:
    Sega Game Music - $15
    Namco Game Music Grafitti - $15
    Salamander - $20
    Darius - $20
    Namco G.M.O compilation - $18
    Dragon Quest III - $18
    Dragon Quest IV - so big that it needed to be released two tapes - $23

    get all of them for $75 shipped.
    fantastic collectibles for any gamer with love for game music out there.

    Sega Dreamcast Bundle (JPN system), with Pad, VMU, a/v cables, power cord and following titles(all imports from Japan), (maracas and arcade stick, gun as well as Samba 2000 are not included):
    1.Samba de amigo(disc only)
    2.Sonic Adventure
    3.Capcom vs SNK Millenium Fight
    4.Soul Calibur
    5.King of Fighters 2000 (sealed)
    6.Pen Pen
    7.Godzilla Generations
    8.Last Blade 2 Final Edition
    9.Garou: Mark of the Wolves
    10.Gundam ZX
    11.Virtua Strikers 2000
    12.Space Channel 5
    13.Guilty Gear X
    14.Heavy Metal
    15.Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle with Project Berkley(aka Shenmue documentary disc)
    16.Psychic Force
    17.Shotoku Battle
    18.Resident Evil(Biohazard:Code Veronica)
    19.Shenmue with Soundtrack called Jukebox.
    entire bundle for $148!

    Japanese Xbox 360 - complete premium model(with 20gb hard drive), in pretty much perfect shape as it has seen very little use over last two years, it has Doom Xbox Live Arcade (Full Game) on it and following retail Japanese titles:
    Xbox 360 ~
    Burnout Revenge
    Ridge Racer 6
    Microsoft Every party
    Xbox titles:
    Knockout Kings
    NBA Live
    Tenchu 3
    Dino Crisis 3
    Dead to Rights
    UFC 2
    Soul Calibur 2
    Guilty Gear Isuka

    all games complete and in awesome shape.
    perfect for any gamer who intend to import future shooters available only in Japan such as death smiles or future cave shmups coming to the system - $330 for entire bundle.

    Game Soundtracks(authentic Japanese Imports, not chinese/hong kong bootlegs that look fine to people who are not familiar with legitimacy of said products):
    if you want to know particular catalog number of certain soundtrack, just send pm, I will respond quickly.
    Konami Soundtracks:
    1.Parodius da! -from myth into comedy- - $20
    2.Castlevania Nes Trilogy - $35
    3.Perfect Selection Parodius da! -from myth into comedy- $47
    4.Ultimate Parodius - $65
    5.Castlevania 64 - $25
    6.Castlevania Symphony of the Night - $25
    7.Perfect Selection Gradius - $50
    8.Gradius III - $40
    9.Perfect Selection Dracula Battle (Rock Arrangements by Konami Kukeiha Club, Castlevania series) - $75
    ~ SOLD ~ 10.Dracula X Rondo of Blood 2cd- set (music from Castlevania Chi no Rondo{PC-Engine}, and Castlevania Bloodlines from megadrive/genesis)
    11.Konami Game Music vol.4 (music from arcade games, Gradius 2, Life Force, Contra, etc...) - $35
    12.Madara 2cd-set - $55
    13.Konami All Stars 1993 - 3 cd set - $65
    14.Midi Power X68000 Collection ver.1.0 - $65

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    RPG Collection:
    1.Romacing Saga - $25
    2.Romancing Saga 2 - $25
    3.Final Fantasy Black Mages - $22
    4.FF Mix - $25
    5.Valkyrie Profile Lenneth 2 cd set - $25
    6.Animal Crossing Music Collection - $50
    7.Legend of Zelda Sound & Drama - this set was supposed to contain 2 cd's, but person I bought it from sent only one disc(first), and never get back to me with explanation - $50
    8.Vagrant Story 2 cd set - $30
    9.Final Fantasy VII 4cd-set - $50
    10.Final Fantasy IX 4cd-set - $50
    11.Final Fantasy X 4cd-set - $50
    12.Star Ocean Megamix - $35
    13.Final Fantasy IX Plus - $25
    14.Panzer Dragoon Saga Memorial Album 2cd-set - $95
    15.Lufia II Soundtrack 2cd-set (to music from Lufia Snes Games) - $125 (1995)
    16.Star Ocean second story arrangement - $35

    1.Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Arrangements brand new sealed! - $60
    2.1080 Snowboarding N64 Soundtrack US release from Nintendo Power - $45
    3.Paper Mario N64 edition, 2 cd soundtrack brand new sealed - $65
    4.Super Mario 64, Waverace, Blast Corps N64 greatest hits - $35
    5.Dragon Quest V - 2 cd soundtrack - $35
    6.1992 PC Engine hits - $40
    7.Jet Grind Radio US Sampler - $30
    ~ SOLD ~8.Warcraft III
    9.Killer Instinct GOLD Soundtrack - $200
    10.tribute to yasunori mitsuda, time & space - $20 it loud vol.1 Nintendo Power release - $35
    SOLD Donkey Kong Country JAMZ Soundtrack
    13.Conker's Bad Fur Day N64 Promo Edition - accepting offers
    14.very best of Sega - $20 of fighting - $12
    16.5 x King of Fighters Soundtracks - 94, 95, 96, 97(2cd soundtrack) and KOF Best of OST - $50 for all of them.
    17.Alpha Mission II - $20
    18. Cotton - $20
    19.YS Provincialism - $20
    20.Dragon Slayer - $25
    21.Phantasy Star Online I & II - $25

    1.Grim Fandango Big Bands, Bebop and Bones - $90
    2.Starfox 64 Greatest Hits - $35
    3.Killer Instinct - Snes Killer Cuts - $25
    4.Yoshi's Story 64 - Love, Peace & Happiness - $35
    5.Zuntata Collection GSM.6 - $30
    6.King of Fighters the Best of - $15
    7.Virtua Fighter 4 - $15
    8.Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo Power release - $15
    9.Zelda Ocarina of Time Japanese release - $25
    10.Zelda Majora Mask 2 cd set, European release - $30
    11.Banjo Kazooie, European release - $35
    12.Ridge Racer 64 Speed Nation - $30
    13.Pokemon 64 - $25
    14.Super Mario Galaxy Platinum Nintendo Club Edition (Limited Edition, 2cd's), $70
    ~ SOLD ~15.Perfect Dark N64 2cd Nintendo Power release
    16.Perfect Dark Dark Mission release - $25

    Official Limited Edition Bioshock Xbox 360 Faceplate (3,285/5,000) - new and never used in bubble wrapping - $90

    PS3 Rumble/Sixaxis wireless Nyko Controller(with rumble and sixaxis functions), brand new in box - $18

    PSP official earphones with remote, new in box - $13

    Playstation 2 - 2 memory card bundle, brand new in box - $16

    PSP Component Cables for PSP's 2000/3000, brand new - $13

    Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman Complete Series on DVD - 42 disc/over 120 hours, brand new and sealed - $120

    Planet Earth BBC Special Edition HD DVD Set, mint - $27

    PS2 Imports:
    Beatmania 5th style - $35
    Beatmania 9th style - $45
    Metal Slug 3 - $14

    Neo Geo AES, Japanese System(that means you will be playing uncensored versions of games where blood and certain bounciness will be present), system in very good condition, comes with arcade stick "bean" controller, ac SNK adapter, a/v cables and 6 games(4 are cart only):
    1.Baseball Stars Professional
    2.Samurai Spirits III
    3.King of Fighters 96
    4.King of Fighters 97
    5.Samurai Spirits II
    price for entire bundle - $330

    Stargate SG-1 DVD Complete Series, all 10 seasons - $140:

    Blu-Rays(all brand new and sealed):
    following James Bond Movies(limited editions with additional cardboard box):
    2.From Russia with Love
    4.For your Eyes only
    all 4 movies for $45 shipped to you
    5.Mrs.Doubtfire - $13
    6.Phonebooth - $13

    thanks for looking, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!
    cheers mates.

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    Saturn dual arcade stick... sweet. Too bad I'd need bailout funds to buy anything these days.
    With a humble heart, on bended knee...

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