Hey all,

With SF4 out tomorrow, and having been playing SSF2THD, I've been dying for my old stick and fighting pad.

Problem is, my old stick is the original xbox only Pelican stick (This guy here: http://www.talkxbox.com/hreview5.html ), and my pad is one of the Nuby PS2 SF pads (http://www.toysnjoys.com/access_ps2/sfpadken.jpg).

I've seen the usb adapters for PS2 to PS3, and it seems any one of those should do it for the Ken pad.

At the time the stick came out, there didn't seem to be any adapters for xbox1 to anything. But, I came across a couple things today: One is called a XP Joy Box, and adapts Xbox to PS2, the other was something like "Magic Box", and was GC/PS2/XB to usb (Seemed to be intended for use on a PC).

I'd read in a thread here at some point that other usb controller adapters (Such as a Saturn to USB adapter) are easily picked up by the ps3. So is it possible to use this XB to PS2 adapter to a PS2 to usb adapter? (And how bad would the delay be?) And/or, would this Magic Box multi-adapter work the same way?

I really loved this old pelican stick, it was big, heavy, and solid, held it's cord in it's casing, and had a nice HUGE stick, unlike those pac-man ass short sticks with a big ball on em (The older tekken and DOA sticks had em, and I guess the new cheap SF4 sticks use the same thing).

Thanks much for any input on getting this guy working, I'm amped about getting my ass kicked in some SF4 tomorrow