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Thread: Sega Saturn System Questions

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    Question Sega Saturn System Questions


    1) I just received a Saturn I got off of ebay for $15 and want to be sure that I got what I paid for. However I do not have any games at this point, I tested a music CD in it and all worked fine. Is there anything else to look for before I leave feedback for the seller?

    2) I need some stuff to go with it, s-video cables, extra controllers, multitap, 4 in 1 and some games, I found the bulk of that at the Goat Store on the net, do you guys have any other suggestions for online retailers I can try out? there isn't much near me that caters to the retro gaming scene and ebay is a PITA at times.


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    I would definately test the Saturn with some games first, it could have a finicky laser. Also, make sure it performs and looks exactly as the seller described it.

    For online not really sure. I definately think eBay is your best bt, regardless of its shortcomings.

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