I have 3 Super Famicom games, each boxed that I'd like to trade off. Ebay searching shows these worth about $7-$10 each with the boxes and such but I don't pretend to follow eBay values.

The 3 games are Aretha, Aretha II and Fire Fighting. Aretha and Aretha II are RPGs and have no US equivalents. Fire Fighting was released in the USA as The Ignition Factor.

The 2 RPGs are in decent boxes and have little baggies for the games, rather nice condition. Fire Fighting has some box wear and yellowing to the cartridge. Not "museum quality".

I'd rather the RPGs go to someone who could actually read and play them. They make nice collectibles in my display but I'll never hope to play them, which makes the nothing but toys.

I also have boxed copies of NES StarTropics and Krion Conquest. They have their manuals, styrofoam bricks and sleeves. Krion Conquest box is decent. StarTropic sbox has some price sticker residue, a marker number and what looks like a ring from having a wet cup set on it. The letter, however, is still attached to the manual and looks to have never been dipped in water.

I'm really interested in Genesis stuff. Preferably these-

boxed Sonic 3 with manual
boxed Sonic 3D Blast with manual
boxed Sonic Classics with manual
Sonic & Knuckles manual only
Sword of Vermilion boxed. Manual or little guide book not needed but would be nice.
Crusader of Centy, HIGHLY prefer boxed but I'll take what I can get.

Boxes should have the hanging store tab intact or I don't want it. No other heavy damage. The sticker should be in nice shape. Peeling or dirty then I don't want it. And they have to be NTSC copies of the games.

As I have no references here, I'll send anything first. I'll only deal if you're in the USA.