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Thread: 7800 Jr. PAc-man is a homebrew game.

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    Default 7800 Jr. PAc-man is a homebrew game.

    ApolloBoy jumped the gun when created a thread about it in the prototype section.

    I wasn't sure about it being prototype and that is why I gave two options the 7800 Jr. Pac-man was after Albert's video and pictures of the game. I know Atariage's history of having prototypes disguised as April Fool's jokes.

    What happened was the following:

    1.) PacManPlus Bob DeCrescenzo was working on Jr. Pac-man and the 4 people he told about his next "project" told him to use it as an April Fools Day Joke despite not being completed.

    2.) Bob created a joke account on Atariage despite being a rule against it to my knowledge for the April Fool's Day joke. He even made a fake name called Dylan.

    3.) Albert was on the joke.

    Bob DeCrescenzo is still working on Jr. Pac-man and is different than most 7800 games in terms of memory. Jr. Pac-man has more ram than most 7800 games do with it being 8k.

    The latest work in progress for the game is found on .

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    Well, that's uhh....really....funny?

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    All I have to say is hey, it's a game that they should have made years ago. It's good to see that someone finally got the idea to do it.
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    I had the feeling that was the case. In the past, they've allegedly 'located' prototype 7800 games like Burgertime and Q*Bert, which both turned out to be homebrews created for an April Fools joke.

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