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Thread: Steep Slope Sliders World Record [VIDEOS POSTED]

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    Default Steep Slope Sliders World Record [VIDEOS POSTED]

    I guess this is the best place to put it, but I think it is pretty cool. I am going to videotape a full run and go for a world record high score for the Steep Slope Sliders. Pretty cool.

    I am also going to put it up on youtube when I make the run. (Part 1) (Part 2)

    If you watch, the way my score got so high so fast is that I hit the half pipe with the sickness and only messed up at the very beginning, and very end, but at that point I had over 10,000 points on that one course. I also learned where I should not do tricks, as it only slows me up. You might notice a few places where I purposefully go around them, and I do that because time to point ratio wise, it is not worth it to go after a trick spot and risk only getting 150-200 points. I also dominated the last course as well. I got almost 8,000 points on that course. For some of the stuff, I played it safe to ensure that I did not mess up and actually hit a good score. I could have went ape shit and went just crazy, but I made sure that this run would be good. The score is possible to beat, but rest assured, it will not be an easy one to beat, as you will need to hit half pipe pretty much perfect to be able to get a score that high, as the rest of the tracks I only missed a tops of 1 or 2 trick spots that would have gotten me tricks with points over 200 points. It is safe to say that there is a reason why I am submitting that score, as it is pretty insane.

    I don't know the rules with sending stuff into Guinness that is on youtube, so I might have to take these down once I submit this to Guinness.

    Why go to the work of submitting to Guinness? They will send me a certificate. I say it is worth it to me.

    And yes, I am making my full on youtube debut in a Sonic hat and a DP shirt.

    If I get squirrely, I might try to submit the course scores individually as well to Guinsess. Doing a full run and course runs is pretty easy to submit to twingalaxies though

    So you know the point break down of what the levels require compared to what I actually scored, I will post that right here for you guys so you have an idea before you watch the video (or after, whatever)
    Course 1: 500 points, I got 3536
    Course 2: 700 points, I got 4759
    Course 3: points awarded based on time, but I got 6750
    Course 4: 1750 points, I got 4446
    Course 5: 4500 points, I got 15930
    Course 6: 3000 points, I got 5299
    Course 7: 3250 points, I got 7949

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