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    Default Triangle Recess Bits /_\

    As gamers and collectors of little toys,we sometimes go to mcdonalds or some other toy store and get one of those cute little games or simple toys that has maybe sonic or mario or whoever in it,in a small simple game. But when it dies,we are like,no problem lets replace the battery,shouldn't be that hard,then we find this:

    those annoying non standard rare bits that no other screwdriver can pop out without messing up the screw. They are called Triangle Recess or Triangle Power Bits and it took me hours and hours till I actually found a site that sells 4 of the most common of these screw sizes. Just thought I would share with everyone the link and hopefully add some bits to your security tapering collection.

    $12 for all 4 of them,and with shipping it came out to $18 for me,and they came super fast,even by UPS ground!
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    Another great place for stuff like this is
    If you take the time to search for what you want (their search isn't the greatest), you'll get a great bargain. I got a 20 piece bit set that has just about every type of bit you can imagine for opening up games and systems (including the triangle bit), and it was less than $10 shipped.

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