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Thread: Question about Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now - Blood and humans/zombies

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    Default Question about Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now - Blood and humans/zombies

    Just thought I'd ask whether the UK first edition had humans with red blood or not. I seem to understand it had humans with green blood, which means the UK version came out after the US version and was already censored (not as much as the German release of course). Or did the UK version have zombies with green blood? It's pretty confusing because I only have a UK production sample of the game and was trying to figure out the differences with the normal UK release.

    I could just buy each version to find out but that'd take me several weeks.
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    I know that the Macintosh version of Carmageddon 1 had come out in Britain a full year before a publisher in America brought it over the pond, because the software house was based in the UK. So I'm guessing the British version of Carmageddon 2 came out first with green blood, then the other international versions were made afterward.

    I absolutely loved Carmageddon, and got really excited when C2 was going to come out. And then I played it. My Mac at the time was on the low end of the specs, so it was very choppy to play. Then, I bought a brand new machine which was on the high end of the hardware requirements, and it still played choppy! I've played it on really fast machines, and they always play horribly. They did a really bad job with C2, along with adding in those stupid missions. I preferred the structure of the original. Smash or be smashed!

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