Me and my wife have been playing Bubble Bobble on the Sega Saturn, but it has not been that fun since the game has a limited number of credits, and has no saves or passwords.

So I created a Bubble Bobble entry on the Saturn Gameshark using these codes I found at several Internet sites:

Master code: F6000924 C305
B6002800 0000

Unlimited lives: 8604FDE0 0002

To make a long story short, the codes does not work. I don't think the Gameshark is broken, I just think there is a step I am not doing.

I "turn on" the unlimited lives code and then "start game with enhancements." There is also a selection that says "start game with comms," which I have also tried, even though I don't know what it means.

Can anyone verify that these codes are correct? Also, does anyone have a link to the Saturn Gameshark instructions? Is there a trick to getting the codes to work that is not obvious (like holding the A button or something)?