I have a Sega Aero City for sale. The cab is located in the Montgomery, AL metro area.

It is fully working and is in great shape. The monitor has VERY LIGHT burn. You'd never notice unless I pointed it out to you, even when the screen is all white. The monitor is near perfect. I would be happy to provide further details via PM.

Asking $600. I paid $400 for the cab and $400 for shipping, so I am taking a $200 hit on this, which is fine. I have enjoyed it!

I would prefer a local sale, however, I am not opposed to shipping it if the following criteria are met:

1. The cab is fully paid for before it is picked up.
2. The cab needs to be gone shortly after the sale. I will hold it up to two months after payment, which is a reasonable amount of time IMO.
3. The shipping company needs to be able to work around my schedule. Also note that I am on a second floor apartment.