Hi All

I am new to the arcade collecting/restoration scene and have just purchased my first machine. An original 1978 Midway Space Invaders (Upright). I bought it from eBay (sold as fully working) but when it arrived it seems to have a problem with either the monitor or the board. I have done a little research but can't seem to fathom what the problem is. During play the graphics at first flutter up and down by a few pixels, then eventually (usually after about 10/15 mins of play) the graphics flicker and then disappear, they usually reappear within under a minute, but the problem persists. The problem also only tends to happen during play, not when the machine is idle/displaying the title screens.

Just to let you know I don't think the board is an original Midway Space Invaders. But it is L shaped. The sprites appear different to Space invaders and the title screen reads SUPER ALIEN INVASION, and the points for the ships are different to those scored in Midway/Taito Space Invaders. I haven't been able to find any information on this clone/game on the internet.

Can anyone help? Do any of you guys know what the problem is? The rest of the machine seems to be working fine, sound, lights etc.

Plus does anyone know of, or is anyone in the UK who can do outcalls for repair? Can't afford to ship this thing back and forth for repairs and am worried more time in transit will cause further problems.

Hope you guys can help.