or more accurately the best games, the best technology does not necessarily make.

It's analagous to music. The most techincally demanding music or the most skillfully played music isn't necessarily the most enjoyable or the most progressive.

These are obvious statements given our frequenting a classic gaming board.

But Wario Ware is the case and point. People don't always want to be buried in a 3D world. They want little well crafted challenges, and records that they can beat- and challenge friends with. This game will certainly encourage me to get a GBA sooner, with all it's hell bent enthusiasm around here. And the lack of sophistication with the graphics is appropriate, making it a great game. No need to overdo the technology side of it.

I'm always wondering, what will the next innovation in gaming be? Probably something right under our noses- like a better implementation of online gaming or something else. Probably too obvious to notice.