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Thread: The Lazy Gamer

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    Near the 20 anniversary of me being here and one of my fav moments was that I got to talk to this guy and see his content come into fruition . You never know who will make it big. He worked his butt off to get here and now even had his own wiki page and over a million subs.

    Looking forward to the future!

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    LGR just uploaded a 27 year retrospective video on "Streets of Sim City" recently.

    "Streets," for anyone unfamiliar, was sort of a stand-alone game but one that you could import your SimCity 2000 Cities into. The same can be said of SimCopter. However, where SimCopter is more of a solid experience (though my immersion is broken since I have a difficult time imagining that I'm the only guy in an entire city who can call emergency services,) Streets is more janky and twitchy and liable to crash on you even under optimal hardware conditions.

    I first played the game when I was probably 6 to 8 years old, and Dad bought it for me in a 3 pack that included Sim City 2000, Streets, and Sim Copter. I've never bothered to finish the game. Even so, this... Janky pile of garbage is kind of a charming janky pile of garbage. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's just that it's a Sim game that you can import your cities into, or maybe it's because it's sort of a ripoff of Twisted Metal, or maybe I just like the nostalgia for being a 6 to 8 year old with my computer volume way too loud. Whatever the case, the goofy game interests me.

    - Austin

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    I should start watching his videos again. I took a bit of a break the last few months for whatever reason, his stuff is still great but I've just been exploring other youtube creators lately.

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    1) I never like PowerRangers until later ( like recently ) in my life.
    2) I was a Nintendo-pion fan. If it was Nintendo I had to have it. "Do the Mario"
    3) SEGA was the "other-team" and I did not want to play for it. Sure it was cool, hip,
    darker, but could never defy the cuteness and kawaii of the NES or SNES glory. Getting
    a converter for my SNES open me to enjoy many import titles on my SNES, which I still
    use today. That being said the MD ( Genesis ) had a lock-out system and I was not into
    RPG games until the MarioRPG / Breath Of Fire III / FFVII hit the shelves. Phantasy Star
    never had any commercials as far as I could remember. I think the biggest commercial
    that I cared about was "get down with Zelda" GB.

    Honestly SEGA artists in the west was on fire. They did a way better job then what was
    being done in Japan. However I wonder if US marketing would switch gears with JP marketing.
    Because the prior SMS/MarkIII artwork was god-smack. Then it came back in the Dreamcast
    where the Japanese art was god-smack but the US art did that
    "In your face close-up anime/micket thing"

    The "FM sound" was in via the MarkIII add-on or built into games. The Genesis FM sound was
    auwsome. Most of the SEGA CD games that was fun was from Japan. Even so "Call of the Dragon" was something to own. Because the SEGA CD version has actual audio ( voices ) despite the drop in color from the Amiga or even the DOS version. Snatcher utilize the light gun, but again censored and drop in color.

    Again most of the more interesting games was from Japan. The problem with this system it was like $200 more on top of a Genesis. Many
    parents said no!!!!!

    Fireburner you need to burn the tracks

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