Saving up for an N64 kiosk that was listed locally, so I'm parting with various games, systems, and items. All systems have been tested and are in working order.

I won't be able to ship this stuff until next Friday (July 31st), but I'm seeing how much interest will be in this stuff before I decide to buy the kiosk.

2600 games:
Bobby is Going Home - I'm guessing PAL version since I can't get it to work on my Atari. picture here don't know what to ask for it
Bermuda Triangle (sealed) $10
Asteroids (sealed) $3
Home Run (sealed) $3
Atlantis (sealed) $4
Fantastic Voyage $2
Flash Gordon $2
Space Cavern $2
Sorcerer $3.50
Journey Escape $1

Atari 8-bit:
FSK to Digital translator $15
Sketch pad with Atariartist $10

Sewer Sam - bottom half of the label is torn off $3
Bump n' Jump CIB $6

Sega Genesis:
Vectorman CIB $4
Ghouls n Ghosts CIB $6
Sword of Vermillion CB $4
Toe Jam and Earl CIB $20

Sega CD:
Mortal Kombat $3
Silpheed $3
Amazing Spider-man $5

Sega Saturn:
Mechwarrior 2 $4
Thunder Strike $3
Shockwave Assault $4
Gex $4

Sega Dreamcast:
Soul Calibur $5
Hydro Thunder (no cover insert/instructions) $3

Sega Nomad:
System, screen doesn't work but everything else works (tested through TV) $27

Boxed Acton Set system, complete except no styrofoam inserts and posters, $35
Operation Secret Storm w/ manual and butchered box (someone cut it to fit inside a VHS holder) $40
Ghosts n Goblins $3
Excitebike $2
Dr. Mario $5
Mario Bros/Duck Hunt $3
Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/ Track Meet $3
Megaman 2 $5
Adventure Island $3
Adventure Isladn II $7
R.O.B. (I remember putting the gear back in it and got it to work, but don't have a game to test him anymore) $30

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II $6
Mario World w/ manual $3
Super Punch Out $10

Super Smash Bros w/ manual $10
2x DK 64 $4 each

Nintendo DS:
Dark blue DS Lite system, scratches on bottom screen, can't be seen during gameplay, no charger or stylus $55

System, Goldstar Model with controller and games: Daedlus Encounter, Animals, and one other I can't remember, cover similar to cyberia $65

PSP slim system w/ offical charger and earphones $90