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Haven't been using it and since I don't play fighters anymore I would like to sell this lot to a fighting game fan.

What you have here is a Hori HARP 2 stick that's modded with all Sanwa parts (except the Start, Select buttons) with a blue clear bubbletop on the stick.

The Stick is Sanwa with an octo gate installed (great for fighters, also a good stick for Tekken players according to some of my friends who said the stick goes back to neutral fast). Also has a clear blue shaft cover on the stick as well.

Stick has some minor scuffing on it, but noting major.

A Pelican converter is also included so you can use this on your PS3/PC.

Also comes with its original box which is still in good condition.

And last but not least it comes with the Evo Championship arcade stick bag which was made in small numbers on SRK not too long ago. I put the HARP 2 in there a few times and the bag does the trick. Why bring the box around when you can use a bag to carry around the stick.

I'll get the lot ship out as early as Saturday because I'm still in a middle of a move. I would like to get rid of this by Friday so please someone buy this lot ASAP!

* I won't break up the lot.
* Price is firm.
* US only please!

Price: $180 shipped in the US via Priority Mail with DC and full insurance. Item is 100% working and will be tested before shipment.

PP and MOs are accepted!