Looking to raise some Dinero to get to Old Mexico. Prices are not shipped. Also the Calendar and the Samurai Shodown 3 guide are up for offers. I really don't know what to ask for these. $5.00 minimum purchase please! Most of this stuff is open to offers especially if you take alot of it off my hands.

Breakers Revenge $40.00
World Heroes with the ripped label $7.00
World heroes Set 1, 2, Jet, and Perfect - Selling as a lot (bottom 4 carts in the pic) $50.00

Samurai Showdown 3 Empty Box - Samurai Showdown written in pencil on label, also Samurai Showdown written in magic marker on the right side. $10.00

Magical Drop 3 jp box W/ 2 Color Flyers, Bubble Sleeve, Plastic Baggie, and Dip Sheet - $30.00

Samurai Shodown 3 Gamest Mook - Very nice moves book. Almost all in full color. Very in depth. Considering keeping cause I really like the cover art. $$$OFFERS$$$

SNK 1999 Dramatic Calendar $$$OFFERS$$$

MISC Stuff Soft Dip Sheets $$$OFFERS$$$
Art of Fighting Master the Magic Contest Sheet
Unknown Yellow Sheet (doesnt look like Dip Sheet)
Samurai Shodown 2 ENG Soft Dip
Samurai Shodown 2 Spanish Soft Dip
Fatal Fury Special ENG Soft Dip
KOF 2001 Span Soft Dip
KOF 97 Span Soft Dip
KOF 97 Eng Soft Dip

KOF 97 Spanish Mini and Spanish Moves Stickers $10.00

Fatal Fury Special Moves Sticker $3.00

Neo Geo Vinyl Control Panel Overlay from MAME Marquees - Doesn't fit my cab - $$$OFFERS$$$

Misc Color Flyers - $$$OFFERS$$$
Samurai Shodown 2
Fatal Fury Special
KOF 97