Okay, there's a competition of votes going on at the UK GameSpot site about who's the greater video game hero:
Master Chief
Bub & Bob

It's an uneven battle of 1 vs. 2, but still who is it to you? You can vote there without signing up and of course vote here and share your expression about them or an even better underdog.

With bias from me loving Taito games, Bub & Bob win. I've never picked up Halo to the extent I have Puzzle Bobble or Bubble Bobble. They are addictive, puzzles, action, and creative with awesome color schemes. Halo is, well another FPS in my box. It's not that it lacks excitement of a shooter, just I'd pick up Serious Sam as a hero first, then maybe some Quake, Unreal, and Doom characters as most of them are just saving the world or themselves in some alien, undead, or odd landscape.