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Thread: Best Arcade-style controls for retro systems.

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    Default Best Arcade-style controls for retro systems.

    Decided to make this thread hoping for some suggestions and contributions. This is basically a response to how the current "Arcade Stick tier list" being distributed ( ) had absolutely nothing from a system older than previous-gen listed unless it was the Sega Saturn's Virtua Stick Pro.
    It got me thinking "What are the good arcade sticks for these systems?"
    I've actually made a serious attempt to try to look into different sorts of arcade sticks (this led to the earlier thread where I was wondering just what the "Star Video" joystick was.)

    I think I'll start with some of the things I looked into:

    Genesis Arcade Sticks: Seemingly few people I know actually can name a joystick better than Sega's own. I felt disappointed in this, so I tried looking around myself.
    Eventually I nabbed two Arcadian Joysticks - they can be found now at this ebay auction at a price surprisingly reasonable considering the high-quality parts.
    People have recommended the Championship Joystick by C&L for the SNES, and this is pretty much the Genesis equivilant. Note that there are versions with 3-button compatibility and 6-button compatibility, though.
    For a more Japanese-style stick, I checked out the Capcom Fighter Stick GS and thought it was ok but nothing spectacular.
    I don't know much on Master System but if I go under the assumption that these sticks will work on that as well, then I'll keep these suggestions the same.

    SNES arcade sticks: Too much for me to sort through.
    Championship Joystick is the obvious pick if you want American Arcade-style controls. For Japanese-style sticks, I looked at the QJ TopFighter and found it a bit... different. Kinda tough to explain. I've seen auctions for a Hori Fighting Stick SFC, which is probably a good stick, but I haven't gotten one.

    NES: Was never satisfied with anything I actually could obtain.
    That being said, I'm thinking about getting a set of NEX Wireless controllers + Arcade sticks so I could maybe check those out on an NES. They look pretty quality.
    The NES Pro Play Arcade is probably out of my range of house space. Ouch.
    Someone's probably gonna reccomend the NES Advantage here, so I'll just say it's name just to tell you guys I know it exists.

    On the Famicom side, I heard the XE stick was good, and also saw an ASCII stick that looked interesting.

    Saturn: The only stick I've got to play on this system so far is the Hori Fighting Stick SS, I tested out Virtua Fighter 2 with it and found myself executing an entirely different set of moves with Akira then I'm used to. Then I had a run where I ring out'd everyone. It was funny.
    I'll probably have more word on that if I get to try a Capcom fighter with it.

    PS1: You can use those PS2 sticks, yes? Then I'm skipping this one.

    PC-FX: I got nothing. Seems this system only has standard controllers and mouse controllers.

    PC-Engine: I don't know much here, not having a PCE, but I have seen a Hori Fighting Stick PC on eBay once.
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