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Thread: Finished the region switch on my X'Eye

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    Default Finished the region switch on my X'Eye

    I finally got around to finishing the region mod that I did on my X'Eye. First of all, I would like to thank Insane David for his great tutorial on how to do the basics of the mod. There are a couple things that I did that make it different from the regular region mod. First, I used a very tiny slide switch and placed it under the CD cover so that the unit looks stock. I also changed the LED for the power and it is set now to be red for US region setting and green for Japanese region. Here are a couple pictures of how the switch looks. I know that it is hard to see in the pictures so I added another to show the size of the switch. The switch is located in the upper right hand corner of the CD tray, about 2 o'clock. I will take more pictures of it in use at a later date. I didn't take any of the internal workings because I am not blessed with the neatest of handiwork.

    Comments and suggestions for future improvement appreciated.


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    Not bad man. I have my region switch run out the back, and also have a door switch installed on the side near the ear phone jack. The door switch comes in handy for making sure disc are stopped well before actually opening the cd door/lid. Though Im not sure if this problem is present in X'eye and Sega CD Model 1, I used to use a external door switch back in the day on Sega Cd Model 2 units originally because of bugs on Samurai Showdown and Fatal Fury Special.

    On Samurai Showdown, on every model 2 I played it on, At Amakusa, there would be a issue present, I think it was that the original music track would stop playing, never repeat, and the game wouldn't load the next round after you beat Amakusa. A "fix" for this would be to open the lid and re-shut it causing the door switch to kick the laser back on. Then the next round could be loaded, where the bg music and graphics change.

    On Fatal Fury Special, a similar bug happened, but on the character select screen. Let the music run out, and don't pick a character until after it does. The music wouldn't kick back on, and the game would get stuck and not load the fight. Having the door switch re-activate the laser fixed the problem, the game would then load the fight. Only ever played these games on Model 2 Sega Cd, quite a bit of different decks, and it was always the same case regardless of disc copy or deck. Using a wired up external door switch meant no more risking scratching the disc by actually opening the door.

    I wont even bother with those 2 games anymore, but regardless, the external door switch does come in handy.

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