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Thread: Dreamcast Massive Memory Card, Need Software Drivers & cable??

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    Default Dreamcast Massive Memory Card, Need Software Drivers & cable??

    Update! I found drivers and software and information on the Parallel cable for the PC. Both available here.

    Hey guys,

    So I was at the Digital Press store and I saw this Massive Memory Card Plus for Dreamcast. It was $10 so I decided to give it a try, since it said it can connect to the PC and it was an 8x card.

    Unfortunately when I got home and opened the box I was disappointed. There was no CD of software for the card, or even the cable to connect it to the PC. The original box was shoved with random Dreamcast manuals, flyers, and booklets for random accessories. I really wanted to use this, and I thought that getting it from the store that they'd have it with everything I needed but sadly it didn't. I would like to not have to return it, but unless I can make / get a cable and the software I may have to.

    Does anybody happen to have the software for this. I'm sure it's only for Windows 98/2000 - maybe XP. I hear conflicting reports about the cable. Some people say there is a USB cable - some people say there is a Parallel port cable. There seems to be little to no info about this on the web, so ANY help would be fantastic.

    The little port on the VMU has six pins, USB only has 4 so I can't make any certain decisions on wiring.

    Here's a photo of the unit and the port it has.

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