I've just got an Operation Wolf cartridge for the NES. When I was [gently] cleaning it, I noticed some (most) of the contacts are.. thin.. that the only word I can use to describe them. They don't look like they have been scraped off, - it looks rather uniform. Does any one have this cart they can verify this with?

This contact problem also makes the game rather difficult to play- I heve to keep adjusting the cartridge to get it to work, and graphic glitches are common. Seems like the reduced contact size causes contact-problems.

Can anyone think of a possible solution? A friend suggested some silver contact fluid he saw down at the local electronic supply store. I'm kinda fearful that the "stiffness" of the replacement contacts I got for the toaster might rip those off and cause me more greif. Anyone know how stable/strong that contact solution can harden?