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Thread: Wooo, great prices, I want a quick sale. Beat out the NAVA crew!

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    Default Wooo, great prices, I want a quick sale. Beat out the NAVA crew!

    Hey guys, figured I'd sell some classic RPGs and the like. NAVA is over, so there isn't the rush for you guys anymore. I sold a lot of stuff there. Rock and Roll, here we go...
    (FYI condition terms are based on the discs.)

    Ten No Koe 2 Bank modded to output RGB for your PCEngine, Core Grafix, and Super Grafix. Comes with Scart Cable - $50 (On hold)

    Final Fantasy VII GH (Darn near mint!) - $40
    Diablo (resurfaced to Mint) - $20
    Star Ocean Second Story (resurfaced to Mint, no manual) - $30
    Final Fantasy Chronicles (Very Light scratches) - $20
    Monster Rancher 2 (Very light scratches, 2 EB labels) - $15
    Alundra 2 (Very Light scratches, wavy inserts and manual) - $10
    Magic the Gathering: Battlemage (Very Light scratches) - $10

    Final Fantasy XI Package NEW (Hard drive an all. Box has a few bumps to it.) - $50
    Adventures of Darwin NEW - $10

    NBA Ballers Chosen One NEW $7

    Tales of Phantasia NEW (little dent at the top of the box) $15
    Super Robot Taisen 2 (Complete) - $15

    Harvest Moon GBC, minor label wear - $10

    Zelda, gold cart - $10

    Neo Geo Pocket Color modded with a front light. Included Card Fighters Clash (Capcom version, US) and Match of the Millennium (JPN). - $70
    Japanese PS1 Densha De Go Package, includes Densha De Go 1 & 2 (Mint, label on the back of each from the Japanese shop), Special Throttle Accessory, and a Hori Densha De Go Pad - $40
    3rd Party N64 Expansion pack - $10
    Breath of Fire IV (Mint!) - $35
    Lunar 2 (game case and making of disc, Near Mint,Very light scratches) - $45
    Legend of Dragoon (Very Light scratches, greatest hits) - $15
    Wild Arms (Very Light scratches) - $25
    Rhapsody (Very Light scratches, game disc only, no manual) - $25
    Xenosaga III (Very light scratches, no manual) - $10

    Happy shopping!
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