Hello, everybody.

This listing is for a Dynamo Jamma Showcase cab w/ a whopping 29-inch monitor. Cab is in excellent condition. The monitor has no screen burn-in, and I have just installed BRAND NEW Happ controls. The sticks and buttons are brand new.

The cab is Jamma and play your standard Jamma boards.

The cab is also setup for 2-player, 6-button play in Capcom style and is great for playing games up to six buttons. You will need a Capcom kick harness to play Capcom games. However, a molex connector for the kick harness has been installed.

The cab comes into parts for easy moving: the monitor part, and the control panel part. The monitor part is on wheels and can be easily rolled and easily moved. The control panel part separates from the monitor when the cab is being moved. This makes the cab easy to transport.

Asking price is $600.

Item may be picked up at my warehouse in Roswell, GA, and the buyer is free to inspect and test the machine before buying it.

Please PM if you have any questions. Thank you.