I really need advice or something on how to fix this.

I have a sega saturn model 1, and I did not play it for a couple of months. I wiped the lens with a dry q-tip since it was dusty in that area. When I turn on the system, the cd will not spin. I opened up the system, and started to rotate the orange wheel behind the lens. After I did that, the disc would spin, when the start up screen came on the disc would stop spinning and the go to the menu and spin again where the message "checking disc format" would show on the screen. After that it would find a "track 1 with a time of 999.99.

I thought I needed another saturn, so I bought one off of ebay, and it was a model 2 saturn, and it does the same thing. So is there any way I can fix both saturns, I really want to play my saturn again, and I don't want to spend money buying another saturn, if there is a way I can fix the saturns I have now.

Can anyone help me??