Got two Namco Arcade sticks for PSX for sale or trade! These are the big grey ones with the arcade buttons! Unboxed but in great shape and working perfectly! I can provide pics on request. I'm asking $45 + shipping each or will trade for or toward any of the following games (I REALLY want the PSX ones bad!):

Saturn shmups: Batsagun, Battle Garrega, Hyper Duel, Soukyugurentai (reprint white border), Gun Frontier, Image Fight/X-Multiply, Dodonpachi

PS2 games: Ninja Assault w/gun, Time Crisis 2 w/gun, Vampire Night w/gun, Fatal Frame mint complete, Dynasty Warriors Xtreme Legends, Dynasty Warriors IV, Wizardry: Tales of the Forsaken Land

XBox: Fatal Frame

GC: Super Monkey Ball, Zoocube, Skies of Arcadia Legend