($2000 - negotiable) Custom Built Arcade Machine:

A long shot, but I thought I would post this here too. This machine was custom built (by me) to suit my tastes, but is taking up too much room and hasn't been used much at all. Over all, I would say that the machine has less than 100 hours of use. The only thing that the machine is missing is a smoked plexiglas pane. I cut up a normal monitor bezel to fit the machine, but the plexiglas would look better and would be cheap to have cut locally. Price includes everything listed below (machine, consoles, games, boards, etc.).

All parts were purchased new (except for the debug kit and games):
- Happ Trackball
- Happ Lightgun (x2)
- Happ Joystick & buttons (2 player/6 button layout)
- 27" Billabs BL27CB0P CRT flat multisync monitor (15-48 KHz; up to 1024x768)
- Custom control panel w/easy access hinge
- 3/4" MDF cabinet
- Full JAMMA harness (coin door wires present, but not connected)
- Over-under coin door (coin mech will be included, but requires removal of a shelf when used)
- Internal shelving for easy storage
- Internal power strip (one button on/off for everything)
- Customized speaker box (allows arcade and console systems to both use the arcade speakers)
- Viewsonic Nextvision N6 video switch box w/remote (VGA/Component/S-Video/Composite inputs)
- Heavy duty caster wheels for easy movement
- Custom made JAMMA extension cable
- Custom made trackball to USB adapter
- LCD Topgun for Xbox/Playstation/PC lightgun use
- Playstation 2 system with:

* Console
* Hard drive
* HDLoader disc
* Network adapter
* Time Crisis compatible foot pedal
* Lightgun games (Time Crisis 2, Time Crisis 3, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone, Dino Stalker, Ninja Assault, Vampire Night, DDRMax 2)
* Arcade quality Cobalt Flux DDR Pad

- Xbox Debug Kit with:

* Console
* Lightgun games (Silent Scope Complete, House of the Dead 3)

- Arcade (JAMMA) boards:

* Area 51 / Maximum Force
* Area 51: Site 4
* Golden Tee '98
* Shuffleshot
* Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
* Zero Point 2
* Lethal Enforcers
* NFL Blitz (sound does not work)
* Marvel Super Heroes (not tested, may have suicided)

- Various other arcade components as I find them

Shipping won't be cheap (the DDR pad is big too), but we can work something out.