7 months ago a friend of mine snagged a boxed Vic-20 for me. Since I always get backups, I bought another one off of ebay, but this one came with the printer and a tape drive (as I know there are various forms of the tape drive).

However, the tape drive is broken, and although I do repair electronics as a second job, I've never messed with a tape drive.

The Eject button is stuck (won't push down), and the Rewind button is stuck (pressed down). However I can push the rewind button up, but it'll just go back down.

Also the tape drive just says "Commodore" on it, no specific model is mentioned on the front. On the back it reads "C2N Cassette." I thought I'd mention this since there are many forms of the datasette.

So how can I fix this problem with the buttons? Thanks