**The Clock I am Taking Offers On**
You see it. Its in good shape, the clock mech works, there's a little fading on the "E" in nintendo. Last one that sold, sold well over $200 but that was over a year ago and I haven't seen one surface since. So I am looking ballpark figures in the area of at least $200

**The Mario Sign and GB/NES/SNES Sign are for sale with set prices shipping included**
I am asking $165 for the Mario service center sign. Its in really good shape. No dings or anything in it. Its made out of metal that pops out at the specific items such as the screwdriver and toolbox

I am asking $125 for the NES/SNES/GB sign. Its in good shape. It has scratches here and there. Its double sided, and both of the fold in tabs that are in it are not broken so its completely hangable.