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Thread: Help: Unscrewing Super Famicom cart screws? PS: Super Famicom plastics suck

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    Default Help: Unscrewing Super Famicom cart screws? PS: Super Famicom plastics suck

    I bought a Japanese copy of Wild Guns recently but unfortunately the top spine of the back piece of the cart is yellowed. Luckily it's just the back piece so I can replace it easily with a crappy bargain bin game. I didn't notice it because the shops here in Japan wrap the damn things in layers of plastic and the price sticker was conveniently covering the yellowing. I've never seen just the top of a cart yellowed until now... So I wasn't even looking for it. It's weird too, I can see where the chemical stopped on the plastic because there is a clear line on both sides where the yellowing stops. Not so much a yellow either, more of a super abnormally light grey.

    Anyway, I was hoping some members here that live in Japan can advise me on where in Akihabara or elsewhere in Tokyo that I can buy the screwdriver needed to open up Super Famicom carts. I've been meaning to buy one for a while anyway since I want to clean out the contacts of all my carts real nice at some point. I'm looking for the cheapest place of course.

    I've heard that the Super Famicom cart screws have a unique shape. Is this true?
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