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Thread: Offering modding/repair services

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    Default Offering modding/repair services

    I've been getting more handy with a soldering iron lately, and I feel confident enough to start performing basic repairs and mods for consoles. Here's a list of what I can do:

    *Atari 2600 voltage regulator replacement
    *Atari 5200 power mod (for 4-port consoles only, lets you plug the power supply straight into the console)
    *Atari 5200 S-video mod
    *Atari 1200XL chroma fix (restores S-video and improves video quality through composite)
    *AV Famicom controller port fix (lets you use the Zapper and other NES peripherals on the AV Famicom)
    *Colecovision AV mod (S-video and component not offered at this time)
    *Commodore 64 S-video mod (lets you use standard S-video and RCA cables)
    *NES external audio mod (for use with the PowerPak, Famicom carts with audio chips, and the Famicom Disk System)
    *NES lockout chip disable
    *NES connector replacement/repair
    *Game Gear cap replacement
    *Genesis region switches (model 1 only)
    *Genesis S-video mod (model 1 only)
    *Neo-Geo AES S-video mod
    *N64 cart slot trimming (for Japanese games)
    *PSP screen replacement (PSP 1000 only at this time)
    *Sega CD fuse replacement
    *SMS 50/60 Hz switch (model 1 only)
    *SMS S-video mod
    *SNES cart slot trimming (for Japanese games)
    *TurboDuo cap replacement
    *TurboExpress cap replacement
    *VIC-20 AV mod (lets you use standard RCA cables)

    If you want any of these done for cheap, send me a PM and we'll work something out. Here's some examples of my work:
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