I'm looking to trade these Gameboy games. I would absolutely love to trade these for CIB copies of Megaman I, Megaman II, and/or Megaman III for the Gameboy.

The Hyperboy I'm really just trying to gauge interest in it. I won it in an auction a few years back and have just been sitting on it. I know it's not that common, and I was wondering if anyone's was interested in it.

I do have other wants that you can check here: http://gametz.com/?S=24277329&user=W...&tab=AllWanted

If you're interested in something let me know.

Super Mario Land

Dr. Mario


Kirby's Dream Land


You can see it takes C batteries, I think those are the size. The ones in the box were dead, so I tossed them.

So yeah, just let me know if you're interested in anything.