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Thread: FS: Logitech PS2 Driving Force Pro Force Feedback Racing Wheel (new)

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    Default FS: Logitech PS2 Driving Force Pro Force Feedback Racing Wheel (new)

    Been meaning to list this stuff here for ages, finally getting it done. Here we go!

    03/05/10 - Added Logitech PS2 Driving Force Pro Racing Wheel (new)

    02/17/10 - Added Genesis lot, bootleg GBA games, Mr. Do!'s Castle (Atari 2600), .hack Mutation Pt. 2 demo (sealed), and Game Crazy disc buff cards.

    02/03/10 - Added a bunch of Dreamcast, NES, and GC accessories; Resident Evil figures; and a Fatal Fury hat.

    Brand new, unused Logitech Driving Force Pro racing wheel. Retailed for $149.99 new, I guess. This was an open item return to Best Buy but it's apparent that nothing was even taken out of the plastic, much less used. I'd really prefer to get rid of this locally so if you're in Southern California, YOU SHOULD BUY THIS. If not, I'll ship it but shipping will be pricey.

    Asking $75 + actual shipping cost. A couple photos:

    No trades, sorry. Paypal ONLY, no check/MO/cash. Thanks

    Note: The items below are still available though one party has expressed interest in the Banjo-Tooie cart.


    Bootleg GBA games - Acquired over the years accidentally. Note that the labels on Final Fight and King of Fighters have peeled off. They're included but need to be re-applied with an adhesive of the buyer's choosing.

    Accepting offers (WILL SPLIT).

    .hack Mutation Pt. 2 DEMO DISC (sealed)

    $5 + shipping.

    Supercom Pro.1 SP-3200 - Not 100% sure on everything this does, but from my understanding it can be used to backup SNES games to floppy disks and play imports on a US console. I have no means of testing this so I can't say for certain that it works but it should.

    Accepting Paypal offers.

    Banjo-Tooie "NOT FOR RESALE!" kiosk cart - Full game, made for in-store kiosks.

    Accepting Paypal offers.

    Frame Gride (DC, JPN) - Includes original case, disc, insert, manual, reg. card, and Dream Points insert. NO OBI. All parts in excellent condition.

    $7 + shipping.

    Tobal No. 1 (PSX, JPN) - Complete with original case, game disc, preview disc, artwork, manual, obi, and other inserts. All parts in excellent condition.

    $5 + shipping.

    Photos here (ran out of room in thread):

    Photo here:

    Game Crazy disc buff card x2 - Each card is valid for five buffs. Sold as a pair; $5 shipped. Image here:

    Dreamcast Controller (official, grey) x5 $4ea
    Dreamcast Controller (official, blue) x1 $8
    Dreamcast Controller (official, green) x1 $8
    Dreamcast Controller Extension Cable x1 $3
    Dreamcast PSX controller/keyboard adapter (Innovation brand) $2
    Dreamcast keyboard adapter (Mad Catz brand) $2 - SOLD!!!
    Dreamcast RF adapter (official) x2 $3ea
    Dreamcast RF adapter (Madness Gameware brand) x1 $2

    Shipping is extra (must go parcel/Priority).

    Everything has been tested except the Mad Catz adapter (will refund if it doesn't PS/2 keyboard here to test it). Controllers are in good shape functionally but most would benefit from a light cleaning. Nothing gross, they've just been acquired over the past couple of years from different sources and tucked away in a box/cupboard.

    Plenty of pictures available here:

    Fatal Fury promo hat - A little dusty.

    Photo here:

    $5 + shipping.

    Resident Evil figures - From waves 1 and 2 of the original lineup, iirc. Hunter, zombie, tyrant, and giant mutant tyrant from RE2 with MISSING HEAD!! All in pretty good the missing head. Images here:

    Photos here:

    Accepting offers (not looking for a whole lot).


    Cool Cool Jam (NGPC, JPN) - Complete with original box, tray, manual, other inserts, and cart. Box shows light-moderate wear, cart and manual look great.

    $12 + shipping. SOLD!!!

    Assassin's Creed promo artbook - Hardback book given out as a pre-order bonus. Excellent condition.

    $5 + shipping. SOLD!!!

    Viking promo artbook - See above. Excellent condition.

    $2 + shipping. SOLD!!!

    Army of Two "dossier" - Promo graphic novel/strategy guide preview. Free with $5 purchase. SOLD!!!

    Gamecube Game Boy Player - Includes boot disc in case, no manual/slip cover.

    $15 + shipping. SOLD!!!

    Mr. Do!'s Castle - I believe this is the Atari 2600 release but am not 100% positive. I imagine anyone interested will be able to tell from the photo below.

    $40??? + shipping. SOLD!!!

    NES RF adapter (official)

    Photo here:

    $5 + shipping. SOLD!!!

    The Art of Wild Arms promo artbook - Given out as a pre-order bonus for...Wild Arms 4? I don't know.

    $10 + shipping. SOLD!!!

    Genesis lot - 10 Genesis games, as follows:

    Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (complete)
    Ecco the Dolphin (complete)
    Ecco the Dolphin: The Tides of Time (complete)
    Sonic the Hedgehog (not for resale version, complete)
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (complete)
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 MEGADRIVE BOOTLEG??? (any info on this would be appreciated)
    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (complete)
    Streets of Rage (complete)
    X-Men (no manual)

    Conditions vary but most are in good or better shape. These should work but I have no means of testing them and so they are being sold AS IS!!

    Asking $30 + shipping. Will NOT break up. SOLD!!!


    Paypal ONLY. No cash, no checks, no money orders, no trades. Will consider international buyers but US buyers will receive preference.
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