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Thread: WTB: Prime Time NFL Starring Deion Sanders + Sega Published/Developed Football games

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    Default WTB: Prime Time NFL Starring Deion Sanders + Sega Published/Developed Football games

    I am looking for a complete copy. If anybody owns it, how much would you be willing to part with it for. Say what you want, I love Sega Football games.

    Anybody got a copy?

    Prime Time is the last one I need for Genesis.

    I am also looking for Sega Sports Football games (or Sega published/developed before Sega Sports were around) for 32X (I don't think any exist for this one though), Saturn (I also do not think any exist for this system, Game Gear (I know some exist for this one), SMS (I think there were a couple Joe Montana games for this one). Basically, as far as I know, I have them all except for Prime Time for Genesis and Dreamcast, so I am looking for them on any other Sega system

    Give me a list of what you have, and if I don't own it, I will give you a good offer. I wish I could explain why I want these older football games, but I can't explain it. I just want them.

    With all games, complete is preferred, but if it is not Prime Time, I will still probably accept others as well

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