I know this is a strange request. I'm not very computer savvy, so I might be completely off my rocker here, but... this is what I'm trying to do. Ok, I have this Samsung plasma TV that actually has 3D support. Well, it has 3D support for any device that can do the checkerboard 3D format at either 1024 x 768 or 1360 x 768. Now, I don't really want to play any games at 1024 x 768, because when I do that, it's basically a 4:3 format, and I get these annoying gray bars on the side of the TV that are very distracting.

I would love to play an older PC game, like the original "Unreal" at 1360 x 768 in Stereoscopic 3D. I think it would be really cool. The thing is, I'm about 99 percent sure that an old game like Unreal doesn't support such a crazy high resolution, as well as a widescreen resolution like that.

However, I was thinking that maybe there is some kind of patch or something, that would allow you to bump older games up to a certain resolution, and basically force the game into that resolution, whether the game supports it or not. I have a ATI card in my PC, and ATI has special drivers that you can use to run any game in Stereoscopic 3D. Now, not all games are going to look good when using this special driver, but some do.

Maybe I could play the original Half-Life in 1360 x 768? I'd love to play some older PC games like Descent or Quake or something like that in 1360 x 768, but I'm guessing that this would be impossible... right?